Silver & Gold Coated Dry Fruit

Being pioneer of edible vegetarian silver and gold leaves manufacturing technique, we introduced “Silver & Gold coated Dry fruit” , its our exotic, royal and healthy product. We researched ancient and modern texts for years to discover best techniques of coating Dryfruits, Fruits and worship articles. We bring best quality dry fruits from production units and check specifically every lot at our parameters of quality. After a satisfactory report we proceed for coating at insulated and hygienic production units designed according to industrial standards for coating. We use only 24 Carat Edible Gold leaves & Silver Leaves for coating.
In Europe, Greece and South Asian countries Silver and Gold coated Dry Fruit is popular from decades. Royal families perpetually used Gold in their diet to be healthy and get glowing face so Gold was sign of Royal living.
100 % Natural
No Sugar added
No Flavour
Hygienically Produced
Safely Packed

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